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Why our CARBO-COUPLER not the other bulk systems ?


The CARBO-COUPLER connects any three standard CO2 cylinders of the same capacity creating a Bulk Storage System approximately equal to the sum of the capacity of each CO2 cylinder. The system is filled from the outside and requires services from an authorized dealer. The system becomes a "semi-permanent" installation requiring minimal attention from store personnel or service personnel. The supply of CO2 is constant to the user and the supplier "TOPS OFF" the system on a regular route basis.




Key Benefits
  • DOES NOT vent your CO2 into the atmosphere, daily, adding to the "Green House Gas" problem
  • Uses standard, time tested, DOT approved, high pressure CO2 cylinders
  • No "oil" buildup
  • No vacuum problems
  • No possible Dry Ice problems
  • Only one moving part
  • Minimal service required
  • 20-30 years of service
  • 40%-50% less cost




  • A continual supply of CO2 at high pressure
  • No CO2 cylinder handling
  • Outside filling through lockable fill box
  • No daily venting of CO2 to the atmosphere
  • No bleeding off of CO2 during fill process
  • Expandable capacities from 60—1800 lbs
  • No vacuum insulation problems or failures
  • Lifetime failure replacement warrantee
  • Uses time tested standard CO2 cylinders
  • No continuing maintenance concerns
  • Same foot print as 300# Dewar
  • No electrical power needed

    CARBO-COUPLER connects from 3 to 18 same sized, standard CO2 cylinders together forming a bulk system.

    A system may be expanded by simply adding 3 additional cylinders.

  • 40%+ purchase savings compared to comparable Dewars
  • Doesn’t freeze up during heavy usage as Dewars
  • Saves from 20% - 50% in product loss
  • Doesn’t require $500-$700 Revac fee in 5–7 yrs as Dewars




The Carbo-Coupler was created by Industrial Carbonics to address the high initial expense, continual venting, periodic maintenance and service problems associated with a low pressure Dewar and to hault the constant “changing out” of individual cylinders. It was specifically designed to be maintenance free and never require servicing. It is a completely closed system, never venting during filling or operation and is warranted for life.


The Carbo-Coupler CO2 system consists of a Carbo-Coupler Manifold and three standard, unaltered CO2 cylinders of the same capacity or any combination of cylinders that maintain a 2 to 1, liquid to vapor, ratio. The system may be expanded up to 1800 lbs by simply adding groups of 3 like sized cylinders.

By using the Carbo-Coupler Manifold and the correct grouping of standard CO2 cylinders, a "one vessel" bulk CO2 system is created. A system using time tested, industry proven components that can be filled at retail user's location, accurately, and safely. A "one vessel" system, for example, could consist of three 75 lb D.O.T. approved CO2 cylinders chambered together creating a 225 lb. bulk system that can be "topped off" as needed without ever removing or touching the system.


The Carbo-Coupler delivery system incorporates the blending together of a delivery vehicle, a 3000 lb. to 12,000lb. DOT approved MC-331 insulated CO2 delivery tank and the Industrial Carbonics proprietary pumping system. A key component of the system is the use of a weight mechanism that literally weighs the liquid CO2 dispensed at an end user's location. This process allows for the accurate filling and billing to the client.

The System incorporates a design that allows the accurate, measured filling of standard pressure CO2 cylinders in a bulk configuration on location, eliminating the need to handle the cylinders.

A mechanically driven pump, with a pumping rate 40-50% higher than most high pressure cylinder pumps, is used to disperse liquid CO2 into the "bulk" systems. The pumping rate can be manually adjusted from 250 psi to 1250 psi without the need of a pressure regulator adjustment.

The goal of Industrial Carbonics in marketing this complete System has been to provide an "operator friendly" CO2 filling apparatus that saves time and money to local distributors and ultimately the end retail user. Our System is automated to the extent that all pressures and filling requirements are controlled electrically and all functions are operated in a safe environment. An operator is required ONLY to open and close one ball valve to fill any system.


-Better Quality - through eliminating syrup and CO2 waste, poor drink consistency, and the need to return residual CO2 left in a cylinder to a supplier.

-Reduced Employee Time - by eliminating changing out cylinders, dealing with
regulators, tools, washers, safety caps, keeping abreast of the amount of CO2 left in a cylinder, and the need to train workers.

-Eliminates - the possibility of impurities being introduced into the system during
a cylinder change over; our system is total enclosed.

-Safety - through eliminating employee handling, moving, and "changing out"
cylinders. No more fear of personnel injuries do to cylinder accidents.

-Convenience - No longer will cylinders, either full or empty, be "in the way", whether by the service door or in a back corridor.

-Environmentally Safe - no venting of CO2 during the day whether through pressure build up or the "changing out" of cylinders.

-No Ongoing Maintenance - with only one moving part and a constant supply
of CO2 and pressure, there is little to go wrong with our system.

-Longevity - with CO2 cylinders lasting 50-75 years, and tested every 5th year, a
system could last 20-30 years or more.

-Minimal Installation - the Carbo-Coupler system can be installed quickly, easily and inexpensively by a trained distributor

-Efficiency - the Carbo-Coupler system can cut consumption an estimated 25-35% over existing single cylinders and low

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