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To meet an ever-increasing demand, Industrial Carbonics has created the ultimate, portable, tailored delivery vehicle. Whether you need a smaller emergency back-up system or just starting out in the delivery business, this is the delivery system for you.

For the existing CO2 distributor, this is a good "insurance policy" should something happen to one of his main delivery vehicles. Whether a wreck, truck break down, tank inspection or needed maintenance, the delay could put his delivery schedule in jeopardy. With a trailer, he would immediately be back in business continuing the filling route. In a start up situation, the delivery trailer, from a monetary standpoint, makes sense. As with any new business the first years are critical and capital expenditures are important. The tailored system is initially less expensive and can be used more as the business expands. It can be fitted with a 3000 lb CO2 tank facilitating a full day's delivery.

Our custom built 12000 lb. GVW delivery trailers are tough and small enough to be pulled into any location. Being only 12 feet long and 5 feet wide, it is the same width as a ½ ton pickup, ideal for tight spots or an alley delivery in a crowded city location. Because it is a trailer, the expense to purchase and maintain (i.e. tires, brakes, license plates, no fuel, insurance, or inspections as required on a large truck), is less. It can be used only when needed, freeing the towing vehicle to be used in other facets of the business.

Specifications- 12 ft. long x 5 ft. wide, 12,000 Gross Vehicle Weight, Twin 6000 lb. Axles with electric brakes, 16" O.C. steel side and floor support runners, plywood lined interior walls and floor, two 24" side service doors, two full-opening rear doors
CO2 Tank- Tanks are built to your size requirement and can range from 1000 lb. to 4000 lb. All are built to DOT MC-331 specs. Insulated and then wrapped with metal.
Weight System- We install the Norac Scale System to offer the only portable, accurate, legal for trade scale in the USA. These scales are NTEP approved, calibrated and ready to be state certified upon delivery to you, allowing you to legally "sell" liquid CO2 by the pound off of your trailer.
Power System- Our pumping systems are powered by an electric start, 11 Hp, gasoline, Honda engine, and 12-volt battery making the trailer totally self contained. You need only to supply the lighting hook up from the towing vehicle, as with any trailer.
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