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Liquid CO2 Pumping Systems
Stationary Cylinder Filling Station

Industrial Carbonics has met the CO2 industry demand for a smaller, high volume, low maintenance easy to operate cylinder filling station. We can customize our system to your exact requirements. Once it is connect to an adequate liquid CO2 supply and return line and a sufficient electrical source, our system will operate all day without being turned off or adjusted. No need returning to the pump to shut down filling when changing cylinders, the system automatically by-passes excess CO2 through the return line back to the supply reservoir allowing the operator to simply hook up the next cylinder and continue. Because of labor savings and increase product output, the station has proven invaluable.
The stationary Cylinder Filling Startion is smaller and lighter that the unit pictured below. It is 20” wide, 28” deep and 24” tall, has a 3 horse power 3 phase electric motor with on/off switch, pumping pressure gauge, field adjustable pressure by-pass, 1500 lb. pressure relief valve, pumps up to 1200 PSI at 1-5 GPM flow rate, weighs about 200 lbs.


Customized station built for General Electric Corp.
This is one example of our unit’s customization. It was manufactured for GE to pump liquid CO2 at various flows with a constant pressure. It contains a single to 3 phase Roto Phase electrical converter, driven by a 5 horse electric motor with a Variable Frequency Drive, is streamlined and compact. Our basic 220V, single phase, 5 hp unit is 24” wide, 30” deep, 28” tall and weighs about 300 lbs.

Pressure Relief Valves
We offer CO2 pressure relief valves from 350 PSI-1” NPTM to ¼” 2000 PSI NPTM

Pressure Bypass Devices
Call us with your PSI and volume flow requirements and we’ll customize a bypass system to fit your exact needs.

Portable CO2 Delivery Tank Float Gauges
Indicate your tank diameter and the tank-fitting diameter and we’ll supply you with a new CO2 float gauge designed specifically for CO2 and riggers of a delivery vehicle.


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