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Providing Co2 Solutions for the Future
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Power Supply- Our trucks are fitted with an engine mounted, in-cab controlled, PTO drive supplying constant power to our pumping system
Hydraulics- The complete system is hydraulic driven, powered by a PTO controlled hydraulic pump, making it long lasting, trouble free and easy to service.
Weigh System- Industrial Carbonics has teamed with Norac Scale Systems to offer the only portable, accurate, legal for trade scale in the USA. These scales are NTEP approved, calibrated and ready to be state certified upon delivery to you allowing you to legally "sell" liquid CO2 by the pound off of your truck.
CO2 Tanks- To fulfill delivery requirement, we furnish from 1000 to 7500 lb. CO2 truck mounted delivery tanks. These tanks meet DOT MC-331 specifications, are insulated and wrapped in metal to protect them from the elements.
Truck Beds- As demands vary so does our ability to customize a delivery truck bed. We have the design and manufacturing capability to create whatever you require. From a simple fender/pump covering "dog house" to a complete bed housing hydraulic controlled cylinder compartments, being hydraulically driven allows them to be raised and lowered to the ground facilitating easy cylinder loading and unloading at any location.



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